My Take on Agile Coaching Certification — ICAgile (ICP-ACC)

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My Take on Agile Coaching Certification -ICAgile

The post is about my view on Agile Coach Certification (ICP-ACC) from izenbridge, the Agile Coach is a three-day classroom session. Below is the writeup about the Agile Coach Certification.

About ICP-ACC (Agile Coach Certification)

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The ICP-ACC is one of two knowledge-based certifications on the Agile Coaching track. The certification focuses primarily on the mindset, roles, and responsibilities of an Agile Coach. After finishing the certification, the learner will be able to differentiate between and among mentoring, facilitating, professional coaching and teaching, and will also gain the skills needed to create a safe environment for meaningful collaboration and healthy conflict resolution within an agile team, you can find more about certification in this link ICAgile

Who is an Agile Coach?

Agile is not just a process or methodology; it’s a mindset”

An Agile Coach is a person who helps the team or a company to adopt and improve the agile process, he can be someone from the company or an external contractor who played the role of an agile coach earlier.

He helps the organization in their agile transformation, below is the Agile Coach Competency framework defined by ACI , as an Agile Coach he or she should be equipped with all these frameworks.

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Agile Coach Learning Path

The learning path for Agile Coaching designed by ICAgile is as follows, either if you are a scrum master or someone had experience in Agile delivery you can first focus on Agile Team Facilitation Course (ICP-ATF)

The Agile Team Facilitator will focus on one team and make them agile ready in terms of understanding the principles of agile and also see that the ceremonies (scrum plan, standups, retro) provide value to the team, in terms of any deviations in following these he will step in and make sure it is followed properly.

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Agile Coach is someone who already equipped with facilitation capabilities and experiences, he is the one work on the program level of agile implementation, he will also help the agile team facilitator in terms of any issues faced in agile implementation across the program level in an organization.

If there is an organization that doesn't have agile and wants to get into agile delivery, an agile coach is a person who helps them to achieve the same.

Enterprise Agile Coach works at the Enterprise/organization level, they have the knowledge of organizational design, enterprise agile frameworks, executive/leadership coaching, large group facilitation, and change management strategies. They work closely with the management team and help them to achieve the value out of agile.

Agile Coach Opportunities

The agile coach is one of the Indeed’s top jobs in 2019, Below is the screenshot from LinkedIn Salary Portal, the average salary for an agile coach is $1,38,000/yr.

Also in terms of job opportunity, it is been rated as one of the top positions in a company as many more companies are getting into agile transformations and so the requirement certainly raises a lot.

As specified above, you can either work in a company on direct employment or work as an external contractor.

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This certification certainly helps someone if they are good at team facilitation (scum master or a project manager) and this will also open them with a lot of opportunities as the requirement is more for this role.

In terms of certification, you will get to learn the framework in-depth and a lot of team discussions happened which really helps us to take it forward, also I really like the training delivered by Sunjaykumar, who is also an author of the book “Effective Agile”.

Below is the certification I got after I completed the course.

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